Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is of great importance to us. This Privacy Policy explains what information LinksCase collects from our users and how LinksCase uses, processes, discloses and safeguards the information we obtain from and about our customers and visitors to our site

All the following data is stored on our server and is NOT transferred to third parties:

  • Login details, such as username, name, email, password, and access token to activate the web extension;

  • Any information you store and share using LinksCase, such as links, descriptions for the links, category names, messages, shared links and descriptions or any other personal information you store using your LinksCase account;

  • Information contained in any message or email you send to us.

The information outlined above is available only to you and LinksCase. This personal information may be used for the purposes outlined below:

  • Personalization of our service to you;

  • To send messages that include service updates, news, non-marketing and marketing messages;

  • Emailing you the messages you specifically requested;

  • Processing inquiries and complaints made by you or against you that are related to our website;

  • To prevent fraud;

  • To verify compliance with the terms and conditions governing the use of our website.

All your activities on LinksCase are completely anonymous. We are not responsible for the collection of data by third parties or the platforms that we use, such as Google (read the Google policy). We are also not responsible for violations of privacy policies or other rules and laws by our users online. You are prohibited from distributing uncensored, manipulative, untrue, or any other false and illegal information in accordance with the laws of Canada and the country you reside in.

We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to LinksCase Privacy Policy and are going to publish all updates on our website. You should periodically review this webpage to ensure that you understand and are up-to-date with LinksCase Privacy Policy.

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