What is LinksCase?

Store your bookmarks

Recall all the frustrating moments when you could not find an important link you once discovered online or shared via email or messenger?
LinksCase helps you save time and stay organized by providing the functionality you need to manage and exchange links wrapped in a simple user interface. Keep all the links in one place, add annotations, create a custom categorization system and more.

Don't lose your temper & time!

Stop Losing Project Links.
Keep track of all shared links and exchange links via email, access links, social media, and our live chat.
Decrease Digital Overload.
Store, annotate, and organize all your project links in one place!
Say Bye to Crowded Workspace.
Use our web extension to save and access your frequently-used links without opening the app!

Who can benefit

Is LinksCase for You?

Working in Teams
You constantly exchange project links with clients colleagues & friends.
A Digital Multitasker
You juggle multiple projects, platforms & clients
A Tab Power User
You keep 10-15 tabs open at a time and have a hard time navigating your workspace.

Beta Version


Desktop Light & Dark Themes
Eschange links via email &
access link
Link Annotations
Custom Categorization
Integration with messengers &
social media
Live Chat

Comming soon

Mobile version, integration with Slack and Teams


Chrome Web Extension

Free Chrome Web Extension
Install our web extension and save links while browsing your favourite websites to declutter your digital workspace.


What our users say


LinkCase suits me completely! Minimalist design, custom categorization, and integration with 3rd party apps (like email, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp) are some of my favourite features. I would love to see a web extension for Safari Browser, alongside the Google Chrome web extension. So, five stars!


Czech Republic


Linkscase is great for anyone who always has tabs out on their computer! I use it to manage locations I’m scouting for my work, trips, and even to go through my spending by making different tabs per category. It’s convenient, easy to use, and benefits my productivity by keeping my workplace clean!!




This is a super handy tool! I work with links regularly, and ever since I found LinksCase, I use it every other day. It's really straightforward and offers all the functionality I need to manage and share an infinite number of links.




A wonderful program for storing and organizing all your bookmarks. It saves lots of time! I am especially fond of the simple & intuitive interface and the sharing feature that allows me to grant others access to a group of my links with just a few clicks.



Don't lose your temper & time!

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